Being powerful isn’t enough. People also need to know you care. You’ll remember the stick Theresa May got for her response to the Grenfell Tower tragedy. If you don’t, she was basically accused her of not caring about the people. One of the most powerful & important people in the country, yet her power & importance didn’t matter. All people wanted to know was that she cared.

We can be like that with God. It’s easy in one sense to believe that God is great, that God is powerful, that God is awesome and majestic. But how can we be sure that He cares? When we face the future, when we face being single, being without children, the cancer diagnosis from the doctor, the loss of a job, how can we know that God cares?

One of my favourite chapters in the Bible is John 11. One of Jesus’ best friends, Lazarus, has died. To make things worse for the family, Jesus didn’t actually show up until 4 days after the death. They were saddened as they knew that had He been there, He could have done something. Mary, Lazarus’ sister, is broken. She is sad. When Jesus sees this, when He sees all the sorrow around Him, when He sees the effects of sin on His friend and his family, He is “deeply moved”. We then read some of the most remarkable words in the whole Bible in verse 35

Jesus wept

This verse is most famous for being the shortest verse in the Bible but it should be the most famous for giving such a wonderful glimpse into the heart of God. Here Jesus is weeping – it literally means that He has suddenly burst out into tears. You’ll know the feeling – when you hear that news… you can’t help it. Jesus is the same. He literally can’t hold it in. He can’t contain it. He’s seen what’s going on, His loss, the loss of the sisters everything and the Word of God has no words to say. He just weeps.

This is amazing on any level but as Jesus is God He understands that in less than 10 minutes they’ll all be rejoicing. If Jesus knew He was about to resurrect Lazarus, why does He get so upset?! Why doesn’t He just say to them, “wait until you see what I’m about to do”. If you knew what was about to happen, would you weep? Why does he?

This answer is simple. Jesus is perfect and He cares perfectly. In fact He cares so perfectly for His people, He doesn’t close His heart to them for even 10 minutes. He doesn’t refuse to enter into their grief, knowing He was about to make it all ok, He goes to where poor Mary was and weeps with her.

Jesus cares for you in exactly the same way and He does not close His heart to you, ever. I don’t know what you are facing at the moment or what you may face in the future, but I know this – Jesus cares for His children just like He cared for Mary. When you are reduced to nothing but tears, He is there, weeping with you.

So when you doubt that God cares – read John 11 and remind yourself that our God is the God who weeps.


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